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This Just In - Spunky Fluff

  • Apr 8 2016
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We're just loving the new signs by Kristen Bangs and Spunky Fluff. They're full of fun, inspirational messages. Each sign is available in 16 different colors and some come in several sizes.

We love getting pictures from our customers and this one was no exception. Hadley is a young tennis star in the making. (Watch the feature a Detroit news station did on her). After you see the video, you'll understand why the "and though she be but little, she is fierce" sign couldn't be more perfect for her. Above all her trophies is the perfect place to display it!

Be sure to check out all the Spunky Fluff designs. You're sure to find one that's just perfect for you.

St. Patrick's Day & Art After Dark

  • Mar 7 2016
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We love a parade as much as the next person, but the St. Patrick's Day parade is the largest parade Naples puts on. The parade route wraps around the store, making it almost impossible to get to the store. You have to park at least 3 blocks away (if you can find a spot), fight the crowds, then run across the street, between floats. Not fun. And most people attending the parade aren't interested in shopping. For our own sanity, we'll be closed during the parade. We will open at 4pm.

That same Saturday of the parade is also Art After Dark here in Crayton Cove. Join all the Galleries of Crayton Cove for art, wine, music, food and a good time!

Gift Certificates Make Great Gifts!

  • Dec 18 2015
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Gift certificates make a great gift when you are stuck for ideas. Ours are good for shopping either on the website or in our store, located in Naples, FL.

When you are making your purchase, if you enter the recipients email address, the certificate will be sent directly to them. If you want to print out the certificate, to wrap & present, just use your own email address in the recipient section.

The link to purchase gift certificates is always in the menu at the top of the screen.

Lollipop Pottery Pre-order Sale

  • Aug 3 2015
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Each piece is thrown on the potters wheel by Tyson using a porcelain clay body. It is then painted with homemade underglazes by Jessica. The pieces go into a bisque kiln and come out ready to dip in glaze. Both the liner (the inside color) and the outer clear glaze recipes were developed by Tyson for maximum beauty and durability. Then it's into a cone 6 glaze kiln. They come out nice and shiny. Next the apply their homemade decals, which are derived from Jessica's original pen and ink drawings, and it's back into the kiln for a third firing which fuses the decals into the surface of the glaze. All of the pieces are lead free, food, dishwasher, and microwave safe... and very fun to use. Since all of the pottery is entirely handmade and hand painted there are some variations in the shape, size, and design of each piece.

The detailed processes involved in these pieces means that there is a long delivery time for us. It takes 8 to 12 weeks for the work to arrive here in our gallery after we place the order the artists. Since Jessica & Tyson produce a vast number of items and patterns, it's impossible for us to have everything in stock all the time. For that reason, we've put everything they make on our website, with the understanding that it will take 8-12 weeks for the pre-order items to arrive to the customer.

Check out all the fun styles & designs available for pre-order.

Dolphins, Mermaids and Crabs! Oh, My!

  • May 21 2015
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Rebecca Bush loves living on an island and it shows in her work.

Her whimsical designs are laser cut from sturdy steel, painted with a rust-o-leum based primer, and then hand painted in bright colors. They are then coated with a sealant, making them scratch resistant. They are perfect for beach houses, bathrooms, pool houses and more.

She our full collection of Rebecca's work at

This Just In: VoZ Jewelry

  • Feb 3 2015
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Everyone around us has a voice—something important to say—and the girls at VoZ Jewelry want each piece they create to reflect that.

Using brass and aluminum, images are printed directly on the metal. Quotes are then hand stamped into the metal. The process creates unique pieces that speak for you.

Double Duty Pottery

  • Jan 11 2015
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Saturday was our monthly Art After Dark hear at the Galleries of Crayton Cove. It's always a fun event, with music, art, wine & munchies. I have been so busy lately that I completely forgot all about it until Saturday morning. This meant a mad dash into Wynns Market on the way to work for some wine & food.

Usually I have a bit of a Martha Stewart complex, so I pick a theme and plan my food and wine around that. Not this time. I just needed something good and quick. Well, sometimes desperation leads to inspiration...

One of the things I picked up was some roasted pine nut hummus, add some multi-grain tortilla chips and a bowl full of plump grapes, and I'm good to go. Now, nothing in my nature allows me to put out plastic grocery store containers to serve out of (there's that Martha complex again), and I've got a gallery full of beautiful pottery to choose from.

Here's where I made a great discovery! The fun, brightly colored brie bakers by Robin Becket are exactly the right size to hold a hummus container!

Pop the top off, into a brie baker it goes, add a spoon and your ready to go. Best part, at the end of the night, just pull the container out and your good to go. No dishes!!!

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