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Double Duty Pottery

  • Jan 11 2015
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Saturday was our monthly Art After Dark hear at the Galleries of Crayton Cove. It's always a fun event, with music, art, wine & munchies. I have been so busy lately that I completely forgot all about it until Saturday morning. This meant a mad dash into Wynns Market on the way to work for some wine & food.

Usually I have a bit of a Martha Stewart complex, so I pick a theme and plan my food and wine around that. Not this time. I just needed something good and quick. Well, sometimes desperation leads to inspiration...

One of the things I picked up was some roasted pine nut hummus, add some multi-grain tortilla chips and a bowl full of plump grapes, and I'm good to go. Now, nothing in my nature allows me to put out plastic grocery store containers to serve out of (there's that Martha complex again), and I've got a gallery full of beautiful pottery to choose from.

Here's where I made a great discovery! The fun, brightly colored brie bakers by Robin Becket are exactly the right size to hold a hummus container!

Pop the top off, into a brie baker it goes, add a spoon and your ready to go. Best part, at the end of the night, just pull the container out and your good to go. No dishes!!!

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