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Customer Loyalty Program

For customers who wish to participate, we're tracking the number of sales and $$$ you spend. For every six individual purchases you make, you will receive a gift certificate for 10% off the average of those sales. (Add up the six amounts and divide by 6.)

You can use these gift certificates yourself or give them as a gift.

If you shop online, you are automatically signed up for this program. We'll email you your gift certificate after your 6th purchase.

If you shop in our store, you need to sign up. It's easy, we'll just give you a card to fill out & your ready to go. There's no card to carry, just give us your name when making a purchase.

A couple of important things...

* This program started August 15, 2013. Sales before that date will not be included.
* One sale per day. If you make more than one purchase on the same day, the purchases will be totaled and count as one sale.
* Reward gift certificates can not be applied to previous purchases.
* We reserve the right to alter or end this program at any time.