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Ana Obermayr & Conar Piermarini

Husband and wife team of Ana Willow Obermayr and Conar Piermarini create bright, colorful, whimsical blown glass pieces.

Ana Willow's family have all been artists for four generations, both of her grandparents were professors of art at Idaho State University and her great grandmother, Mathilda, painted ceramic figurines in a porcelain factory in Vienna in the 1800s. Ana Willow Obermayr has been blowing glass since 1994. She studied under Greg Englesby and other artists for seven years in Seattle, at Pilchuck Glass School with Richard Royal and Preston Singletary, University of Miami with Brent Cole and Professor William Carlson, and Eugene Glass School with Pino Signoretto, and in Portland with the Maistra Karen Willenbrink and Maistro Jasen Johnsen.

Conar's great great great (etc.) grandfather Giuseppi designed La Scala Opera Hall in Milan Italy in the 1600s. Conar Piermarini has been painting and composing electronic music since the early 1990's. He studied architecture and design in North Carolina and at Miami Dade College.

Between the two of them, Obermayr and Piermarini have channeled all those generations of talent, and their own well developed skills, into the execution of some of the finest contemporary glass lighting, vessels, and sculptural designs.