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Pewter designed by Bonnie Bond and handcrafted by John Caraberis and our trained staff who cast and finish the products in our Nova Scotian studio. We sculpt a model and then make a rubber mold from this model. Castings are then made by pouring the molten pewter into a centrifugal casting machine. The pewter piece is ground to take off any sprews and then buffed or tumbled to give it its final finish.

"We have been creating pewter products for over 25 years. Our interest in this medium stemmed from our knowledge and experience of fabricating sterling silver jewelry and cutting semi-precious stones. Pewter lends itself to the creation of a multitude of items that are more difficult to make in silver. At this stage of our craft we enjoy creating pieces that are organic and that reflect a whimsical or inspirational nature. We have focused our business on making affordable products that are fun for us to create. We believe in the possibility of a flourishing life for all and to that end we contribute 10% of our profits to charitable organizations."