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Pam Mitchell, the artist and driving force behind Blackwater Folk Art, grew up as part of an extended family that loved the outdoors, gardening and creating something from nothing. Pam's daughter, Gracie (named after Ma Gracie) has participated in the family business since she was a child - she began by decorating little flower pots with her thumbprints. Now her son, E.J., stays busy at the workshops creating his own little signs and yard art.

For the first decade or so of business, they concentrated mostly on making birdhouses and birdfeeders out of cypress lumber milled locally. When a series of hurricanes struck their part of paradise, a lot changed very quickly. With those storms, came an abundance of raw material that absolutely cried out to be turned into something fun and functional. Today, many years later, they help provide livelihoods for a number of local families that salvage old warehouses, barns and dilapidated buildings in order to provide them with the recycled metal they use to craft our goods. Most of the painters and crafters are self taught artists with a love of color and creativity. We all enjoy the lighthearted nature of our product and the way that people respond to the whimsy and humor that we instill in it. Everything we do is painted by hand, not by machines, and yes, occasionally you'll get a sign with a "typo" which just goes to show you that it's really, really one of a kind and hand-done!