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Fern just wants to make you smile. Her main goal in the creation of these unique tiaras and crowns is to encourage people to celebrate this moment and delight in the present. Fern, with her brother, is the co-founder of Jacob's Musical Chimes, which for 30 years has been making finely tuned chimes. Over the years, Fern has made a hobby of creating paper tiaras from images that appealed to her whimsical sense of design. She would cut and paste to combine them in novel ways, hand cut the tiaras into themed shapes, and give them to the guests of honor at birthday parties and special events.

One day, while walking on the beach, Fern thought... why not create a line of paper tiaras and crowns, and share the delighted smiles that she was accustomed to seeing at her own family parties? Since the tiaras were born out of celebration, it was clear that the theme of this company would be to celebrate the moment. Within months, the first prototype tiaras were being tested, and upon seeing the smiles of delight, she knew she had a winner. Fern is thrilled to be creating a product that makes so many people happy, encourages our "inner child," and allows us to live in and appreciate every moment. Please delight in the moment with these unique tiaras and crowns. Enjoy!