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Hannah Simons crafts pieces that allow you to integrate a piece of natural art with your fast paced lifestyle. In a world of plastic and metal, these products offer a breath of fresh air; providing functionality in beautiful solid cherry wood. Each piece is handcrafted in Pennsylvania from local, sustainably-harvested cherry trees.

Hannah's father started a sucsess full craft business over 30 years ago. Hannah grew up helping him take orders, ship, and exhibit at craft shows. "I love identifying a need, and coming up with a functional piece of art that works as a solution. We live in a world that is run with computers and cell phones. Through the pieces that I create, I give people the opportunity to bring a bit of nature back to their electronic world."

Daddy's Comb $18.00 $9.00

Daddy's Comb

Grandpa's Comb $18.00 $9.00

Grandpa's Comb

Papa's Comb $10.00 $5.00

Papa's Comb

Mustache  Beard Comb $10.00 $5.00

Mustache & Beard Comb