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Mikutowski Woodworking

Founded in 1986 by Mike Mikutowski and his wife Liz, Mikutowski Woodworking is the definition of “small but mighty.” Many are shocked to learn that the fine woodworking shop, located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and specializing in high-quality jewelry boxes, employs only about five people to take raw lumber through the largely hands-on assembly process. Another four employees bring the finished product through the invoicing, packing, and shipping stages.

It’s fitting that the line carries the Mikutowski name. Simply put, Mike is the business. He designs the pieces, builds the jigs, and when necessary, creates custom equipment, all in the pursuit of a superior product. The fact that Mike’s woodworking techniques may be described as “old-school” only adds to the character of the line. Aside from the laser engraving machine, no computerized equipment is utilized. In fact, most of the equipment Mike has in the shop dates to the 1940s, when heavy, precise industrial equipment was still manufactured in this country. Each Mikutowski piece is certainly deserving of its “hand-made” designation!