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Ron Hinkle is an accomplished master glass artist who embodies great passion and appreciation for glass and the history of glass making. Born and reared in Buckhannon, West Virginia; Ron Hinkle developed a love of glass at the tender age of 12. Taking the glass tubing from his chemistry set, Ron learned to bend and stretch the glass over the burners of his gas stove. He became fascinated by the movement, the flow, and the possibilities of glass. During the summer before his senior year, Ron learned the glass factories in nearby Weston were looking for summer help. He began work at Louie Glass, and after just one summer, he was completely awestruck by the magic of glass and had an insatiable hunger to learn more about his craft. He returned to Louie Glass after graduation in 1974 and would spend the next 20 years learning from the masters while developing his own style and technique.

After 14 years with Louie Glass, Ron began investigating the possibility of starting his own glass studio. With a dream in his left hand and faith in his right, Ron set out to build his own glass studio. With literally no money to invest, it took him four years to personally build the tank, furnace, and studio. Ron and his father, Paul Eugene Hinkle, harvested logs from their property and traded part of the logs to have the lumber sawed for construction. Ron purchased second-hand tools and machinery and even collected tools that had been discarded, thrown away to repair and return them to service in his own studio.

In mid-1993, Ron left Louie Glass to officially opened Hinkle's Dying Art Glassworks on January 1, 1994. Ron's work has been featured numerous times on both the West Virginia Governor's Tree and the Christmas Pageant of Peace trees at the White House in Washington, D.C. For the 2000 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA, Ron crafted hundreds of glass peaches for distribution to dignitaries and guests. He has regularly demonstrated his craft at the Mountain State Arts & Craft Fair at Ripley, WV and has been featured in USA Today, Lifestyle Crafts Buyers Guide and All About Glass magazine.

Ron is fulfilling a lifelong dream to create and sell his own works of glass art.