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Sergio Lub is an American artist born in Argentina from Russian parents. Sergio is a jeweler that since 1969 makes original handcrafted bracelets using pure copper and copper alloys. He is also trained as an architect, speaks 6 languages and has traveled to every continent to learn his craft. From the Andes to the Himalayas, Sergio met with master craftsmen who taught him ancient metal working techniques and shared their deep and fascinating beliefs of wearing metals for health and vitality. Sergio respectfully preserves these cultural traditions by incorporating them in the design and creation of his jewelry.

Sergio now works with his daughter, Sonia. Sonia was raised in many cultures, travelled six continents, and from her earliest years was taught the sanctity of peace and compassion. She served as a peace ambassador for the Dalai Lama, a student ambassador to New Zealand and Australia, and has lived and worked among the Luo & Massai tribes of Kenya, and the Secoya Elders of Ecuador. She also studied sustainable business & living practices in Auroville (eco-village & intentional community) in Tamil Nadu, India, and in 2004 co-founded the Circle of Hope Daycare Center in Kunya Village, Kenya. Sonia’s inspiration stems from her travels, and her beloved community that around the world.

Sergio and Sonia Lub are committed to designing & hand-making jewelry that is original, beautiful, meaningful, and of the highest quality, guaranteed to provide long lasting beauty and durability.

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