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Kristen Bangs

Through the good fortune of marriage and motherhood I made the case that I couldn't possibly keep regular business hours and what I really should do is go to art school.

And then I started to believe in my creative vision. I dropped my baggage and insecurities, assumed a very "nontraditional student" art school angst and stopped judging myself. Nothing gives me more joy to fiddle with funny little things and make SOMETHING. Except, perhaps, when someone whose taste I respect tells me they love my work and want to to own some of it.

Our process is a hybrid of handmade and technical design: our signs start in Adobe Illustrator and are cut with a laser cutter. The rest is all handmade: selecting wood, hand sanding and painting, touching up completed signs.In our 1600-square foot workshop, I manage two "signtologists," production assistants who help run the laser, provide customer support and ship signs.