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Tripp Gregson - TrippworxFor many years artist Tripp Gregson focused primarily on functional art made from recycled wood salvaged from old houses and buildings. This furniture, with it's southern-flavored quasi Arts & Crafts style was quite popular, though it tended to limit the artist to one-of-a-kind pieces made from local varieties of wood. Early on, Gregson found that some of this reclaimed wood was well suited to making painted furniture, and with the addition of traffic signs being a natural adjunct to the bright paint and colorful graphic patterns, the jazz series was created. In recent years, metal has eclipsed the use of wood in Gregson's art.

"When discussing my artwork, I am often asked, “How do you come up with all this?” or more bluntly, “Do you just lie around awake at night and think this $@#! up?” This always elicits my smile, because lying around dreaming things up is part of the answer, but it’s much more than that.

Art is what happens when one’s spirit collides with the material world…filtered through the brain, shaped by the past, set free as a new creation into the present…and for me, the byproduct of that creation is great joy."