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Vetro Vero translates from Italian to mean "true glass." The label speaks to authenticity and integrity in materials, design and craftsmanship; values for which the brand has gained world-wide recognition.

Vetro Vero designs are hand-crafted in America by designers Michael Schunke & Josie Gluck. Schunke and Gluck launched Vetro Vero together in 2011, when their collaborative vision merged Schunke's Nine Iron Studios with Gluck's independent design practice to preserve tradition and express creative innovation through excellence in design and craftsmanship.

All Vetro Vero objects are individually hand-blown, shaped and finished without the use of molds or machinery. From melting glass to shipping orders, Josie's and Michael's are the only hands that touch the work. Vetro Vero's limited production model intentionally provides the framework for the makers to meet their obsessive standards of excellence.